Welcome to Absolute Power World

Welcome to Absolute Power World Co., Ltd.,  which is one of the Company ranks in the various kinds of plastic bottles produced from PET including products produced from PET, which is a material through the use or to be called to “plastic waste” through the process recycling and brought back to the main raw material used in the polyester fiber production recycling send to customers in both domestic and foreign countries.

        Absolute Power World Co., Ltd., A company which originated in 2004 on behalf of A.P.W. Polyester Industry Co.,Ltd. The recycling process sees the value of the unused product. Recycled products to manufacture new products. The Chief Executive of the company recognizes the value of recycled products must be returned to use completely and including the maximum security and does not cause environmental pollution. The company has decided to take a PET bottle to be processed to produce Synthetic Fibers, Recycled Polyester which are close to the production of Synthetic Fibers, Polyester precursors for use in the Textile Industry such as the Spinning Mill, Automotive Equipment manufacturers, Furniture Factory, Manufacture of Medical Devices,Manufacturing of Pillows, Blankets, including The Dolls Factory. Until now, most of the factory, which is both local and foreign clients in the implementation of recycled polyester fibers widely used in the production process the company has extensive experience in the development of Recycled Polyester. It can generate the highest customer satisfaction.

       As the demand for Polyester and Recycled Polyester is growing steadily. The company is expanding its facilities to accommodate increased customer demand and changed its name to "Absolute Power World Co.,Ltd." with a persistent policy of product development and innovation continues to build the capacity of the organization is known in the eyes of the world.

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