PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) Bottle 

PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Bottles

PET bottles began to active in Soft Drinks about10 years ago, and with consumption rising every year. PET bottles have gained widespread popularitywith the reasonthat PET bottle is lightweight(Light Weight), the ability of the gas permeability is low(Low Gas Permeability) and good impact resistance (Good Impact Strength).

PET has the capability of low permeability CO2 and O2 gasbecause ofmolecular Biaxial Orientation arrangementboth vertically and horizontally likesgauze, and also resulted in anincreased strength.

PET Bottle Production PET Bottles Production will be starts from PET pellets were dried at temperature about 160 to 180 degrees Celsiusfor 6-8 hours depending on the type of granular PET and moisture contained in the PETpellets.After drying PET pellets,the moisture content must be less than 0.0005% wt.Then, PET pellets will be sent to the injection molding machine (Injection Machine) and Tube Preform (Preform) which be sent to the dryer (Blowing Machine) to be heated and sent to the Mold in order to blowing and stretching (Stretch Blow) with air at a pressure of about 40bar.

The bottlesthat are in the Mold, to be cooled with coolant attemperatureabout 8 degrees Celsius.Then PET bottles will be forwarded to the conveyor belt and arranged on a bottle pedestal support.

Blowing process is akeyfactor insolution of the broken bottom of the bottle; therefore it must be adjusted to suit the movement dryersto get a bottle with a uniform distribution of plastic both the body and the bottom of the bottle.

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